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Restorative Dentistry

Mitchler Dental Care offers a variety of restorative procedures such as dental implants, crowns, and bridges necessary to restore the basic functions of the mouth.

At Mitchler Dental Care restorative dentistry is used to repair the basic functions of the mouth, which means being able to bite, chew, and talk normally with no pain or sensitivity. Our goal is to restore your mouth to its pristine, natural looking state. Dr. Mitchler is highly skilled at exactly this and has a reputation for creating restorations that blend with your natural smile. If you are experiencing ANY pain please do not hesitate to call our office in Windsor, CA to set up an appointment immediately.

  • Dental Implants
  • Implant Dentures
  • Dental Crowns
  • Endodontic Root Canal Therapy
  • Periodontal (gum) Disease
  • Dental Bridges

A Crown in a Day!

A Crown or a Filling??

Dental Implants

Implants are one of the remarkable achievements in dental science which Dr. Mitchler uses to fill in the gaps left by missing teeth. Whether it is filling a single or multiple tooth gap the procedure is performed by anchoring a titanium implant directly into the jaw bone in the place of the missing tooth while leaving part of the implant exposed above the gum line. Then a porcelain cap, which is colored to match your natural tooth, is bonded over the exposed anchor. The result is a strong, natural looking tooth which is durable enough for a lifetime of use.

Implant Dentures

Another application for dental implants is for use in combination with dentures. Dr. Mitchler will attest that many patients with traditional dentures complain about unwanted movement and shifting while eating or talking. Such embarrassing occurrences can be avoided with the use of implants. The procedure is done right in our Windsor, CA office and is usually performed by anchoring two implants into the top jaw, then connecting the exposed titanium with a small bar. The same thing is performed for a bottom denture if desired. The bars lock with corresponding pieces on the actual denture plates, making for a tight fitting comfortable seal which will never slip out of place unintentionally.

Dental Crowns

Porcelain dental crowns are used by Mitchler Dental Care to cap a tooth for several reasons. It can be used when completing a root canal, or to seal a cracked or temperature sensitive tooth, or even to fill gaps between teeth. At our office in Windsor, CA we are equipped with the latest technology needed to make a natural looking crown on a single visit. This amazing development is called CEREC 3D® and it uses a special camera to take an optical image of your tooth. This has duel advantages because it eliminates the need for the traditional messy molding gel, while also allowing the entire process to be completed in a single day. After the image is taken Dr. Mitchler fine tunes the crown to perfectly blend with the surrounding teeth and the CEREC 3D® begins to mill the ceramic to the exact specifications. The newly created crown is then bonded over the affected tooth to form a strong permanent restoration.

Endodontic Root Canal Therapy

At Mitchler Dental Care a root canal is one of the restorative procedures used to save a tooth. When a tooth is damaged or becomes infected the root can sometimes die. This is cause for concern because the decaying tissue can create a painful throbbing and will rot the tooth from the inside. Previously, before advancements in dental techniques, the only option available was to extract the infected tooth. Now it can be saved and repaired for a lifetime of use. Dr. Mitchler performs the procedure by drilling down through the crown of the tooth to expose the root. Then the infection is suctioned out, the canal is filled, and the procedure is completed by capping the tooth with a porcelain crown. After it has fully healed the patient will be free of pain and can confidently chew on the restored tooth.

Periodontal (gum) Disease

Gum disease is one of the most common problems facing patients, and at Mitchler Dental Care we always stress a vigorous routine of brushing and flossing as the best way to prevent it. What can start as a mild infection can become a serious problem as the infection reaches deep into the gums or surrounding tissue. Now, with recent advancements in laser technology, a special laser can be used by Dr. Mitchler to fight these deep infections, precluding the need for what could otherwise be a painful surgery. No actual cutting or intrusion into the gum translates to much faster healing times for the patients.

Dental Bridges

A Dental Bridge is a restorative procedure used by Dr. Mitchler to fill a gap left by a missing tooth. While the option exists to use a dental implant, both patient preferences and Dr. Mitchler’s recommendation may lead to the decision to use a bridge instead. This has its advantages as it avoids the need for surgery while still providing a very strong restoration. The procedure is performed by first taking measurements and molding a porcelain tooth to snugly fit in the gap. Then two dental crowns are bonded on either side of the replacement tooth and the entire three tooth piece is slipped over the adjacent teeth. In this way the two crowns and one replacement tooth make a “bridge” to fill in the gap. It is from this that the procedure gets its name, and the result is a very strong tooth which can be chewed and used normally.